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Services We Provide

Automated Lead Generation

Take the stress out of finding leads for your online course or services. We automate the lead generation process so that you can find and sell to your ideal clients 24 x7.

e-Learning Platform Development

So you have an online course?! We design and configure your very own Online University for your students to access your course modules and learning materials.

Web Design

With web design that functionally and aesthetically represents your brand, we create websites to give people a place to learn about all of the products and services you have to offer.

Email Marketing

Communicate regularly to your ideal clients and customers through email and boost sales conversion rates with valuable information to help them achieve their goals.

Social Media Marketing

Increase brand loyalty as well as your community with a positive perception from your targeted audiences through value-rich and consistent content.

About us

We aim to provide strategic lead generation and online marketing solutions.

Having a business is more than just creating a product or service. Get your brand in front of your ideal clients so you can convert them in to qualified buyers.

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Our Stack

We use the best software and platforms to build your automated systems.


What our clients say

Tash Talks Coding

I was really impressed with the Strategy Intensive session where it paralleled our issues with creative solutions! Everything was great!

Pt Healing Hands

They did an amazing job. I’m so excited to send people to my website and have seen my business grow as a result of having a platform for my clients to visit. I would definitely give DVI a 10 out of 10.

New Level Recruitment

Make sure you go check out Data Visionaries. The team over there has some of THE BEST web design and product deliverability stats to help small businesses. When I say it is superb, I mean it is SUPERB! If you want to grow your business, check them out.

2x Published Author

I recommend Cassandra and her development team at Data Visionaries. They got my book launch and all of the marketing platforms set up. My experience was amazing.

2x Published Author

I recommend Cassandra and her development team at Data Visionaries. They got my book launch and all of the marketing platforms set up. My experience was amazing.

learners AND JUMPERS

We got a marketing strategy built for our soon-to-launch adolescent tutoring and aftercare program. Some things seem difficult until someone like Cassandra steps in and simplifies it for you. Worth the investment. We'll be using DVI again for other digital solutions.

Our Process

How We Get It Done



We gather your ideas and put them in iterations that represent what you need.


Research and Analysis

We do the ‘knowledge’. Time to research and validate the concepts of your ideas through market research and analysis so that your solution makes sense to the marketplace.


Development & Design

Time to get to work. We design and develop a solution that fits the project objectives.


Validation Testing

We make sure IT WORKS! Our dedicated testers validate the functionality of the final output to make sure the user experience is top-notch.


Project Launch

The fun part. Time to GO-LIVE with the final solution.


Monitoring & Maintenance

We include a short sprint of monitoring and maintenance to make sure that “all is well” with the final solution.


So Does Your Project

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"As an designer, i love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company."

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