The Brand

Adonai Family Health Care is an in-home health care agency focused on providing safe, reliable, and professional care for its clients in the Maryland/DC area.

“We believe that healthcare is a basic human right; it must be accessible, coordinated, and provided in a comprehensive manner." - AFH Founders

The Challenge

When the founders of Adonai Family Healthcare came to me, their primary interest was in creating a simple yet attractive website that would convey the agency's mission and outline the services they offer.

Simple project, but we wanted to make sure we were thorough in capturing their desired aesthetic and messaging.

The Plan & Treatment

We put the following scope of work in place to make sure we captured the basics:

  • Create a simple yet attractive website that outlines the mission of Adonai Family Healthcare (AFH) and the services the company provides.
  • Craft custom copy and messaging across the website to attract ideal clients for AFH.
  • Incorporate brand colors within site design.
  • Enhance UX at consumer opt-in -- focusing on flow of messaging, call-to-action, and ease of use.
  • Integrate and configure client's CRM for mailing list opt-in.

Along with the objectives, we found opportunities to provide even more value with the following features and recommendations: 

  • Created legal pages and copy for all site pages.
  • Offer: email campaign sequences for client and prospect outreach and marketing.
  • Integrated Typeform into the website to capture job applicant inquiries and application submissions.

The Process

For every project, we like to keep the process SIMPLE for us and the client.

The Results

Now that the client has a fresh, new responsive website, they are able to confidently send people to a centralized location on the web which outlines all of their services and conveys their core mission -- to provide HIGH-QUALITY in-home healthcare for those in need.

Our Stack

We use the best software and platforms to build your automated systems.