The Brand

Tash Talks Coding is a Medical Coding & Reimbursement learning platform that educates people looking to start a flexible, six-figure income career in medical coding.

“Learn a skill that is high-in-demand and has an upward pay scale.” - Tash Talks Coding

The Challenge

When founder, Tasha Jones, came to us, she had several objectives:

  • Create attractive landing pages (2) and opt-in that aligns closely with the Tash Talks Coding brand.
  • Adapt branded messaging across all development in order to attract the desired audience for Tash Talks Coding.
  • Enhance UX at consumer opt-in -- focusing on flow of messaging, call-to-action, and ease of use.
  • Full redesign and optimization of course platform
  • Configuration of e-Commerce resource store within course platform.
  • Create strategic email sequences for campaign funnel outreach to opted in consumers.

The Plan & Treatment

With brand concept and wireframe development, we created a fully automated solution for the Tash Talks Coding brand.

Along with her objectives, we found opportunities to provide even more value with the following brand features: 

  • Established integration between lead pages and CRM.
  • Generated custom copy for each lead pages (2), course platform (1), email sequences (15).
  • Established scheduling and booking system.
  • Social Media profile optimization and set up (Instagram, Twitter).
  • Designed Facebook banner (1).
  • Designed covers for online course modules (1) and digital products (3)
  • Designed and configured video cover cards.
  • Created legal pages and copy for all site pages.
  • Generated video script/copy for client to execute in promotional video.
  • Optimized site footer disclaimers.

The Process

For every project, we like to keep the process SIMPLE for us and the client.

The Results

We delivered several new and enhanced features for the Tash Talks Coding (TTC) brand -- and in just under 6-weeks. WOW! As a result, TTC has been able to attract her target audience with clean and appealing aesthetics, speak directly to her ideal students with refined copy and messaging, maintain an organized and sequential course platform for module hosting, and increase average order value (AOV) with newly configured sub-product options (in the resource store) to increase profit margins.

Our Stack

We use the best software and platforms to build your automated systems.