A client conversion strategy is the subsequent pair to lead generation. It's uber important to have because once you generate a lead and get your prospect into your business ecosystem i.e. your sales funnel, email list, and CRM, you have the opportunity to convert them to BUYING clients or customers of your product or service.

Here are 4 HEAVY HITTING TIPS for the lead conversion process and why you MUST have a strategy in place for these if you want to effectively generate revenue in your business.

  1. Use testimonials - sometimes consumers want to hear it from the "other horse's mouth" when it comes to how great you are. Social proof is a major factor when it comes to consumer and client trust and if you have a client base that you've serviced or students you've trained in your course modules, testimonials are almost certainly a positive way to enforce a quality perception of your brand.
  2. Nurture the human connection - People -- emphasis on people -- like to SEE who they are doing business with. When they make a transaction for your product or service, they are doing business with you because simply put, you are the business. Personal, engaging videos, tutorials, and LIVE how-to's are perfect for nurturing human connection and making your ideal clients feel like they are doing business with a person and not a some mysterious entity or 'machine'!
  3. Simple check-out and purchase process - Don't make this hard for your clients at on-boarding. Think about how the grocery stores operate now. You can literally pick what you want from the shelves, check yourself out, and be on your way. Let your purchase and payment cycle be simple and intuitive so you can get the sale, and get on with delivering the value.
  4. Less is more - Many people get caught in the aesthetics of their online assets, but when you are soliciting a decision from a consumer, LESS IS MORE. You need to make sure you're curating the least amount of distractions during a consumers information gather and check out experience. Offers with the least amount of complexity or confusion make it easy for consumers to take YOUR desired call-to-action.


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